Decorate Your Home With Simple Paintings

You want to make your house look better and different but do not know how to do and you do not want to spend too much money on it. This is the reason why you should read this article. All you need is acrylic colors and your creativeness.

1. Walls

You completely can create beautiful paintings without any talents of drawing. Only by using Acrylic and with a little bit creation, there surely will be a unique wall paint made by yourself. For instance, you can draw by your fingertips.

You can turn your one-color-boring-walls into colorful and lively walls in your free time.



Tip: you should sketch out your idea onto a piece of paper before doing it on your things. And then, use a pencil to outline your idea on your wall and paint it.

Drawing wall is also a way to relax when you feel tired. It’s time to become an artist right in your home.


2. In the kitchen? Why not?

Your kitchen would be very stunning with these colorful cups.

Choose small kind of brushes so as to have gentle line on your cups to avoid the color from being smudged.

In the kitchen

Isn’t it easy to draw? You can also use it to paint your windows, bowls and dishes. It is also a perfect idea to make cups into gifts.

Drawing black makes it look mysterious and swanky.


You can also improve your creativeness by drawing these things.

3. Paintings on cloth

How about paint acrylic on cloth and hang your products on walls. It is a great way to decorate your house right? I bet your room would be very artistic with these pictures.

You can draw your street, your house, anything you want. Don’t think it’ll look bad. Your doodles will surprised you. The painting will give you a really cute space in your house.


4. Japanese clay made from acrylic color

Japanese clay made from acrylic color

Japanese or Korean clays are not colored yet. However, coloring clays seems to be simple but very few people color it because clays don’t look as good as they expected. Moreover, coloring clays depending on your preference and kind of handmade gifts you want to do. It would be weigh more convenient if you color them by yourself. You can by acrylic set in Japanese clays combo to color any color you want them to be. Or if you want to color many clays, you can by acrylic color and color Japanese clays. It is super easy to do.

Making flowers by your colored clays – what a wonderful idea! These flowers will never withered away. I would love to have such beautiful flowers in my sweet home.

Have you ever thought of changing your home and rooms only by your hands? Why not? It gives you both unique house and relaxing time when coming home.  Don’t be shy to buy for you an Acrylic color because this functional color can be used for so many things. Everyone is a genius so don’t be afraid to show it off.

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