Inspiration For Study Space

Bright and inspiring study sites surely will make you feel super energetic and focus when studying. That’s the reason why you should take notices of changing and designing your own space. Below are some great suggestions for you to make it look more fresh and new.

1. Girl’s Designs

Girl’s Designs

Most of girl’s studying tools are more girly with light color such as white and pink which helps them feel more relaxing when studying. Set the desk near the window gives you great light in daylight.

The calendar on the wall is a great idea to check your work list every day and a really wide desk makes you feel free and unconfined when working or studying.

Girl’s Designs-1

A study site should have large space to contain things such as study tools, documents and books, a super comfortable chair and different remarkable points to avoid boring sense with one color only.

Girl’s Designs-2

Girly designs for cute girls. This lovely feather chair is the most outstanding point of the design.

Girl’s Designs-3


This is spent for fashionable girls with a big “Fashion” word on the desk and a sewing machine set right next to it. A board on the wall to write down your ideas can’t be more great and creative.

Girl’s Designs-4



This is really simple but very comfortable and smart. You should have some plants to freshen the study air. White is always good for our mind. It makes us feel brighter.

You can also use bamboo baskets as drawer to sort out books which is a fantastic and cute idea.

Girl’s Designs-5

These are light color designs for gentle and girly girls.

Tips: Base on your preference to arrange and create your own private space good and relaxing to avoid you from feeling stressful and sleepy when starting your work or study.

2. Boy’s Designs

Here are designs for gentlemen. Strong colors and smart stable designs will be so ideal for boys.

Boy's Designs

How about basic colors of wood? Designs for men are often simple but convenient and elegant.

Boy's Designs-1

Large drawers are created for boys to contain stuff such as skateboard, American football and cups.

Boy's Designs-2

Though boy’s space is amazingly simple, it is never out of fashion.

Boy's Designs-3

Give a design for sporty tools and technology stuff. You know, boys love both technology and sports.

Boy's Designs-4

Men like basic and simple but smart and strong things. Brown wooden desks or chairs are very swanky.

Tips: Designs for men are based on their interests. Sometimes boys are often careless about their study space so don’t ever be careless with your study place because it will decide whether you focus on your study or not.


In conclusion, above are just suggestions, you even can create better and greater than those designs. With your intelligent minds and skillful hands, you can become a terrific designer with cool and even weird ideas below.

Hopefully, you feel free to create your own study site.

Boy's Designs-5

Sandy work place


Boy's Designs-6

Mini home study place in the garden

Boy's Designs-8

Simple with doodle but very creative and large


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