tent2All people always expect to buy tent, but tents have so many categories, design, manufactures… so you have standards for this to truly make a decision and own the best family tent.

Usable space

It depends on number of those who live in is to you buy appropriate one. For instance, your family have six, it will be about 21m2 for a tent classed.


You should choose color you like, but it needs an appropriate color for both inside and outside. I have ideas that you can consider use the color of national flags…especially, tents must be enough daytime light for all activities as reading, cooking, games


To make sure that water could not leak through ground under any cases, tent must be provided with matching for flooring and ground sheet. You also consider further more about weather’s conditions to prepare rugs, insulating floor when temperature achieve level of O oC,…this helps protect and avoid diseases.



User should be became familiar the ventilation. This means opening doors and windows to control increase or decrease the heated. Carefully, opening should be kept minimum ventilation in order to reduce the consequences of morbidity which survive in pollution air and avoid suffocation and public diseases that infects easily from people to people.

Vector control


The trip becomes bad if you meet problems relation to mosquitoes, other vectors and flies. To prevent these fly inside, you should use mosquito nets all of day and seal them at the ground


Tents are made from materials that are not toxic for user, the environment even when it is no longer capable of used. You should minimize environmental pollution by saying no with manufacturers who no consider the surrounding different elements as communicated healthy, the consequence of environment.

Fire safety

Tent ensures that when unexpected problems occur, the easy opening door to exit. All activities are related to the flame of fire, match, or cigarette far away tents, avoid spreading across the entirely structure.


A number of people in the tent must be suitable for allowed contained number of tent to meet best all of needs of user. You place poles, guy … in entry areas to make sure safety for the adaptable spaces for caring child, cooking

Besides, you should consider which patterns of adaptation of tent and kind of design of tent


You no need buy which one is so big, many small tents also bring comfortable and convenient feelings even total of used space can be larger than and ensure private space for each member family during the trip. All tents will be connected easily together, limited obstacles.

With above these standard, hoping that it will support you to choose the best family tent as well as the minimizing of obstacle throughout trip. You are going to have a great time to enjoy the beauty of nature, relax after hard working and gain memorable experiences for your life. Even if you do not have many time, you can go camping at home, take advantage of the blanks of your garden or all furniture which have available to hold camping trip, pitch tents….and relax many ways you can

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