The reason makes you change conventional cooking method

inductionAs you know people’s life is more and more improving, saving time by the modern appeared applications. This is easily known in cooking when manufacturers design induction cooktop. It outcomes all drawbacks of conventional cooking method (gas, electric, fuel,… ) and bring convenient, comfortable feelings for those who use it.

There, of course, are many kind of induction cooktop to meet various demands and hoppy of user. You consider choose the best induction cooktop what is suitable for your family.

Built-in stovetops

Portable, single induction stove


Induction cooking is designed to continuously and directly heat cookware by electromagnetic wave, instead of following many steps as heating stovetop, pot.

You can prepare many foods by the same time.

2. Safer

You can absolutely assured with using induction cooktops, this equipment have many functions as automatically turn off when issues occur, set up timing, warning,…besides, it operate without flammable materials, flame, radiant heat source or red-hot coil which easily ignite surrounding everything.

When cooking, if you remove pan other place on the cooktop, the heated in that position immediately stops.

Induction cooktop just heat in the range of bottomed pot. This means is to prevent in cases that you unconsciously touch anywhere on the space’s induction cooktop.

3. Cleaning

Due to its straight spaces, leaning becomes easily, no need much force of people. The mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar, even if you can use water to replace vinegar, is to wipe down damp cloth or paper towels and clean induction cooktop. You can dilute a solution is still more effective.

4. Cheaper

Induction cooktop helps save far more energy efficiently than electric and gas due to heated the limited range of pan (about 90%).

5. Saving

Induction cooktop just heat in the range of pot, it use almost heat is generate. With gas waste up nearly half the heat which they produce and electric is more half. It is bad that you must spend money for this and will be worse than if your food contain chemical from gas or other fuel.

It has many levels of temperature to meet your demand as heat, tunnel, grilled…. You need choose suitable temperature to your food is more delicious, avoid burned.

6. Protecting environment

During the process of cooking, heat spread out in the limited range you cook, no create bad smell (fuel, gas) or smoke which affect your healthy as well as others. Whenever electricity emits CO2 (about 435 grams), the greenhouse effect of gas cooker or electric method will be higher than that of induction cooktop.

7. Moving


It is great that you can use it for picnic easily, no weight, place them anywhere you want.

8. Modern spaces in your houseModern spaces in your house


It is not denied that induction cooktop appear in your kitchen, it will space of kitchen becomes more opulent, neat. It helps create inspiration for user. I believe that there are many ways to decorate your house becomes more beautiful, but interior equipment also significantly contributes to the overall beauty of house.

With above these benefits, I strongly believe that it supports you make a good decision whether should or not should change your cooking method.

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